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​Karen Grigoryan Solely Leads the Table Before the Final Round

Sep 26, 2017, 11:45:00 PM


Round 8 of Yerevan Open international chess tournament took place today at Chess Academy of Armenia. In the top game of the round Karen Grigoryan, playing black, outplayed Tigran L. Petrosyan in style. The other leader Arman Mikaelyan lost to Robert Hovhannisyan. Important victories were celebrated by Amin Tabatabei and Hovhannes Gabuzyan.

After 8th round the tournament for the first time has sole leader: Karen Griforyan has 7 points and is solely leading the table. Three players – Robert Hovhannisyan, Hovhannes Gabuzyan and Amin Tabatabei got 6.5 points and share 2-4 places. 6 players got 6 points and share 5-10 places.

The top games of final round:

1st board Karen Grigoryan – Hovhannes Gabuzyan

2nd board Robert Hovhannisyan – Amin Tabatabei

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