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Express Commentaries by Karen Grigoryan, Arman Mikaelyan, Lilit Mkrtchyan, Hrant Melkumyan, Maria Gevorgyan

Sep 29, 2017, 2:26:30 AM


Karen Grigoryan: “The victory was unexpected”

2nd Yerevan Open was very good one for me. The tournament was really powerful one. Many strong players from Armenia and abroad participated in the tournament. This is my first participation in the tournament. I didn’t hope to win the tournament as I was 13th seed. The tournament folded successfully for me. The most difficult game was against top seed Hrant Melkumyan; we played for 5 hours and eventually I managed to win.

Arman Mikaelyan: “Third place in Yerevan Open is honorable for me”

I am certainly very pleased with my result. If I could make a draw in penultimate round, I would be able to fight for the first place. In that game both I and Robert Hovhannisyan were playing well, but I made two mistakes in the endgame and lost. Anyway, third place in such an international tournament is honorable for me.

Lilit Mkrtchyan: “It’s important to have such tournaments in Armenia”

Yerevan Open is organized in high level. I participated in many tournaments, but this one stands out. It is wonderful that it is becoming a tradition to organize such international tournament. I express my gratitude to executives of federation, as due to these tournaments our young players are getting possibility to play against international strong players.

Hrant Melkumyan: “The important fact is that I haven’t lost elo points”

Generally, I am satisfied with the level and quality of my game. Only in the decisive game against Karen Grigoryan, I had dominating position, but made mistakes and lost. Overall result is not bad. The important fact is that I haven’t lost elo points in Yerevan Open.

Maria Gevorgyan: “I will participate in Yerevan Open next year as well”.

Of course I could have played better in Yerevan Open. I lost many elo points. However I enjoyed playing here. The circumstance that I was playing at home didn’t help me at all. I hope next time I will do much better.

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